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A Company of Quality

We pride ourselves with Safe job sites that meet your expectations for quality and on time delivery to keep you up and going.

Built from the ground up

Sho-Me Fabrication, LLC was created by workers in the industry that had common goals. They had 30 plus years experience in the industry and wanted to provide customers with the best in class service with the highest quality and safe work place in the industry. The owners also knew they wanted to create something that the employees would feel like they have a stake in the company.

Mission Statement

Sho-Me Fabrication, LLC is committed to building long-term relationships based on integrity, performance and value, as well as client satisfaction. We continue to meet the changing needs of our clients with our quality of services delivered by the most qualified people.


Sho-Me Fabrication prides itself on its strong commitment to safety and professional development. Some of our most common certifications include:

  • U Stamp
  • R Stamp
  • OSHA 30
  • In-House Advanced Safety Training Program

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