Construction to fit your needs

We can design and engineer fabricated tanks to your needs or use your plans to construct. Our Fabricated tanks are built to exceed industry standards. Sho-Me Fabrication constructs Fabricated tanks in house or on site.

  • Fabricated per ASME code
  • Any size


Is your floor plant changing? we can alter tanks and plumbing to your tanks to satisfy you and your growing business.

  • Change Fittings
  • Change Outlets


Sho-Me Fabrication can repair or replace top head, bottom head, repair or replace sidewall, and refinish the material on the vessel inside and out. We have the skills to bring your worn-out finish back to the industry standards.

  • Side Wall
  • Refinish
  • Bottom Head
  • Top Head

Configurations offered

If there is something that you do want that is more customize or you do not see offered we are able to do this as well. Call or email us today to work up a design and Quote.

  • ASME Code Tanks
  • Mix/Blend Tanks
  • In House Passivation
  • Silo Tanks
  • Heated and Cooled Tanks
  • Storage Tanks

Ready to get started?